Labor Radio Interview Questions

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You are The Co-Host of the Show Labor Radio!!!

Be Creative! Ask questions based on what the person is talking about, just as you would in a regular conversation. These are only suggested conversation starters.

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    Interview Preparation

    Begin your recording by stating your name, along with the current date and time. Ask the person you are speaking with for their name (along with a request for them to spell the name). If they would like to speak, but fear for possible consequences at their workplace, ask them to choose an assumed name to use during the interview.

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    What is your name? Please spell that, first and last.

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    What do you do each week for work? The response doesn’t need to name a specific product, office, company or business.

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    How long have you worked doing this type of labor?

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    Have you seen a lot of turnover at your job site/company?

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    Do you feel you are paid a fair wage for the work you do each week?

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    Medical Benefits

    Do you get any medical benefits and/or coverage for you or your family?

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    Past Experiences

    Tell us about the worst boss you have ever worked for in your working career.

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    What kind of labor did your parents do in their careers?

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    Is there anything you want to add that we did not talk about yet?

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