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Labor Radio June 2016

In Labor Radio by Mark Gevaart

On this edition of Labor Radio we explore Politics, again. We also talk with Kevin Murray about what he does as a father  and how his parents working life shaped him as a person. We also spend time with Retus Thomas talking about his working life. Starting in Kokomo Indiana to present day Fort Wayne.

We will continue the trend of covering politics as it is not a spectator sport, you have to involve your self and your families future in politics. Your silence or lack of involvement only enhances the “party” of people who claim to be for working families. That same (Republican) “party,” claims to have the best interests of working Americans on their agenda. Yet they fight every effort to raise the minimum wage and continue to say no to a Union’s voice in any workplace. How can they ever represent working Americans? We also talk about the Media and their complicity in the “Trump” campaign giving him free access to every TV in America and he spends zero monetarily from his campaign for that coverage.

Why? Why is that allowed? We do not answer that question, we more honestly, just point out the obvious, the media are shills for Republicans. Who have used Rush Limbaugh to coin the phrase “Liberal Media Bias.” A front so they can hide behind it.