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Labor Radio September 2016

In Labor Radio by Mark Gevaart

This months show has some guests we were honored to talk with.

First we hear from a member of the Michigan State Senate, Jim Ananich. He is from the 27th district that includes Flint Michigan. He is the Minority Leader of the Michigan Senate, (the House, Senate and the Governor’s office are controlled by Republicans) he talks about the Flint Water Crisis and how it was totally avoidable, but Governor Rick Snyder’s administration refused to listen. The Governor’s appointed “Emergency Managers” in Flint would not listen to the concerned citizens who knew in 2014 that the water in Flint was bad, something was wrong. The Flint water crisis is one Republicans want you to forget.

I also talk with three Union members about their working life. We talk with Mike Graham of Fort Wayne he is a member of UAW Local 3055, building truck seats for Advance Assemblies that will be put in Chevy and GMC full sized pick-up trucks in Fort Wayne Indiana. Next we talk with Laurel West from NW Ohio she is a member of UAW Local 1803, building hard tops for Jeep assemblies in Toledo. Like Mike Graham they both work in the big three supply chain. Last we talk to Jake Hovis (“what are you wearing Jake? Ah,… khakis?”) he is a member of UAW Local 2404. He works at the SPO (Supplier Parts Organization) GM facility in Charlotte NC. We talk about their working life and how being a member of a labor union has changed their life for the better. Thanks for listening.

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