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Labor Radio November 2016 Show 010

In Labor Radio by Mark Gevaart

This month’s show finds us talking with three people who work hard for the money each day.  First we meet a young lady from Oshkosh WI, Sandy Drifka. She is an administrative assistant who is a union member and works for a labor union in that capacity. Her working life did not start out that way as she worked through several jobs before she landed where she is today. Second we talk with John Kinsey, who has been a living and working in NE Indiana and tells us about his working life. Our third guest is a UAW Local Union President T.J. Gomez. He works in the Automotive industry but he has some interesting tales to tell about his working life too. Additionally this show covers some important statistics about the United States Trade imbalance with all of our major trading partners on the globe.

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