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Labor Radio February 2017

In Labor Radio by Mark Gevaart

This month we have two guests, talking about their working life. First is UAW Local 647 member Todd Norton. He talks about his work as a mechanic in the Airline industry and the work he does today building new engines in Ohio for General Electric. Our second guest is Ron Coppage a member of UAW Local 551 in Chicago Illinois. He works for Ford and he tells us the interesting story of his life. When we do an interview we ask about a person’s work history in chronological order of jobs they have done. In the case of Ron Coppage, he never had a job in his teen years. He was a institutionalized for making bad decisions as a teen. He tells an amazing history of himself and what was around him on Chicago’s south side. He tells what he learned and how he survived. He now is a published author of the book titled Somebody Needs to Read This. He has invested his own money and effort into the book and the first 800 copies sold out quickly. He is on his second printing and the demand for his words on the printed page grows.  Listen and learn from Todd & Ron in this edition of Labor Radio for February 2017.

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