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Labor Radio May 2017 Show 016

In Labor Radio by Mark Gevaart

This month we have a show that covers a variety of topics important to all working Americans. Subjects like; The Fight for $15, Income Inequality, The GOP Fence Fantasy, National Right to Work & HR 785. We ask the Washington Post to “quit talking shit about the US Postal service.” We discuss the Trade imbalance the US has with NAFTA and the PNT with China too. We expose the Koch brothers and ALEC as the re-write laws state by state in a gradual takeover of our rights. ( Trickle Down Economics is still the joke it always was when humorist Will Rogers first made the quip. It is now famously attributed to Ronald Regan but it is still a joke.

We say “Thanks” to US Senator from Indiana Joe Donnelly for his support  of workers everywhere. We invite your comments and ideas contact us at we look forward to hearing from you.