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Labor Radio June 2017 Show 017

In Labor Radio by Mark Gevaart

Thanks for your interest in Labor Radio. This month we review an interesting book by Richard Rothstein titled “The Color of Law” in it, Rothstein outlines the Ghettoization of American cities and the blind eye many have turned to the segregation controlled by our elected leaders.

We speak with retired IPFW Labor Studies professor Mark Crouch. Discussing some of his teaching career and what his first job as a working American was all about.

Additionally we cover a number of other topics related to working Americans and the politics that are being played with the important programs American working families depend on. We talk about the minimum wage and other relevant work place topics.

As always you can contact us to request an interview. Why? We know you have a story to tell about your working life, let’s talk about it. Contact us, we can talk about Labor Unions, a voice in the workplace or some social injustice that is playing out on working families in America. The shows producer and host Mark would be glad to communicate with you on any workplace subject important to you.

Please email us at  –  Thanks for listening.