United Way of Allen County is committed to cultivating and advancing community solutions that address the most critical issues our society is facing. To do that, we promote current research, community dialogue, and data-driven policy solutions. What we have learned through those components has changed the way we think as community influencers and how we do business.

In Allen County, nearly 1 in 4 households earn an annual income above the Federal Poverty Level, but below the basic cost of living. These households do not earn enough to make ends meet, but because they are employed they often make too much to qualify for government and private assistance programs.



ALICE households represent a vital part of Allen County. The entire community is affected by the challenges that ALICE families face. As those challenges are minimized, the entire community benefits. ALICE-population adults hold jobs that are critical to the success of Allen County. These are your child care workers, laborers and movers, home health aides, heavy truck drivers, store clerks, repair worker, and office assistants – yet, they aren’t sure if they’ll be able to put dinner on the table each night.

Indiana United Ways has partnered with Rutgers University and 18 other states to bring data-driven research about ALICE to communities. The 61 members of the state association are mobilizing resources and investing in services to support families–that includes a commitment from United Way of Allen County.

When ALICE and poverty level households are combined, 36 percent of households in Allen County fall below the threshold for financial stability. While some of these families may be working more than one job and can cover the basic necessities, there is no room for emergencies, savings, retirement, or education.

United Way of Allen County is committed to strengthening communities by improving the lives of ALICE households. To aid in alleviating the barriers facing these families United Way participates in the following:

  • Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) | A program that offers free tax help to people making $54,000 or less
  • My Free Taxes | A free online tax preparation service households that made less than $66,000
  • On My Way Pre-K | Offered to incoming kindergarteners with little to no prior pre-k experience, English language learners, those qualifying for free or reduced breakfast/lunch eligibility and/or children identified by school staff as at risk for falling behind their kindergarten classmates.
  • Agency Investments | By investing in local non-profit programming, United Way is addressing gaps in job skills training, youth mentorship, transportation, etc.
  • 2-1-1 | A free and confidential service that helps residents across the U.S. find the local resources they need 



View the full 2018 ALICE report: 2018 ALICE report | View the 2018 ALICE report for Allen County: 2018 Allen County statistics |  View the 2018 ALICE report by county: 2018 ALICE data by county

If you are an ALICE household and need assistance, dial 2-1-1 or visit