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        Union Hall        

Phone: 260-672-2209

Email: [email protected]

Fax: 260-672-9220

Hours: Monday – Friday

6:30 am – 3:30 pm

Holli Murphy


•Plan/Chair/Preside over Union Meetings
•Appoint committees (ex-officio member)
•Chief Spokesperson for the local
•Sign all orders on the treasury authorized by the local
•Countersign all checks issued by the Financial Secretary
•Enforce the UAW Constitution
•Administer the business of the Union Hall

James D. Peters

Vice President

•Assist the President in her duties
•Perform the duties of the President in her absence
•Fill in where needed
–Monitor local activities
–Assist Committees as needed
–Keep the President informed on important issues

Amy Houston

Recording Secretary

•Keep a correct record of the proceedings of the local union
(keeping minutes)
•Sign all orders on the treasury authorized by the local union
•Read all documents and correspondence received by the
local that do not pertain to other officers
•Bring correspondence that needs attention to the local union
•Keep important documents on file with the UAW Research
Department, the Region.
•Comply with the Provisions in Article 50, Section 2 (Strikes)

Shane B. Davis

Financial Secretary

•Maintain accurate membership records

•Document ALL income and expenditures

     •Preparing monthly and yearly financial reports  

•Filing all required government reports on a timely basis

    •Sign any checks/forms used to withdraw union funds

(must be countersigned by the President)

       •Report in writing every month at membership meeting

the total receipts and expenditures from the previous

month and the money still in deposit at the

end of that month.

Melinda Ladd


Amanda Meier



•Have general supervision over all funds and property
of the local union
•Audit of the Local Union’s financial Record
•See that local financial officers are bonded in conformity to the
laws of the International Union
•Shall see that all funds deposited in the bank are subject to an
order signed by the President and Financial Secretary
•If there is a safety deposit box, will see that signatures of the
President and Financial Secretary are present before access
to the box is permitted
•If the books are not received for audit within 15 days after the
six month period, the chair of the trustees shall make a
report at the next meeting for action

Dave Bartowiak


Manuel Anzaldua


Sergeant at Arms

•Introduce all meetings and visitors
•Help president preserve order when called upon
•Take charge of all property of the Local Union that are not otherwise provided for
•Perform duties assigned to him/her from time to time

SaVanna Murcko


•Maintains order
•Inspects membership receipts
•Satisfies her/himself that all present are entitled to remain at
the meetings of the Local Union
•Other duties that usual to the office