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Working people at the Volkswagen plant in Tennessee have been fighting for years for a union. Nearly every other Volkswagen worker around the globe already has a union. But in Tennessee, management has waged an all-out war to stop these workers—refusing to negotiate, hiring high-priced union-busting lawyers and trying to block a vote.

Now, the workers have a shot at winning. The National Labor Relations Board will conduct a union representation vote June 12–14. Workers are being subjected to a nasty anti-union campaign every day at work.

Please send a message to Volkswagen management to stop their disrespectful, un-American and anti-union campaign.

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The UAW has reached a tentative agreement with Mercy Health. The agreement addresses many of the nurses’ major concerns, including quality-of-life issues. Therefore, on June 12th, the Union agreed to end its strike at Mercy Health St. Vincent Medical Center and made an unconditional offer to return to work on behalf of all former strikers. The Union intends to schedule a ratification vote as soon as possible on the tentative agreement.

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