UAW International Executive Board Names Gerald Kariem Vice President and Director of the UAW Ford Department

Detroit - UAW Region 1D Director Gerald Kariem was unanimously selected by the UAW International Board to the position of Vice President and Director of the UAW Ford Department. Kariem will serve out the term left vacant when Rory Gamble was elected President last Fall.

“Gerald brings a wealth of leadership in contract implementation, and he will be able to pick up on the recently ratified Ford contract,” said UAW President Gamble. “His experience in implementing the merger of Regions 1C and 1D and building teamwork through his leadership will be invaluable as we implement reforms within the UAW.”

During his almost decade as an IEB Member, and at the helm of one of the most diverse regions in the union, Kariem skillfully managed the merger between Regions 1C and 1D. His leadership and guidance brought the Aerospace-GM-IPS-TOP region together. The leadership, staff, retirees, support staff, and membership now proudly serve under the single banner of Region 1D.

Kariem is a leader in touch with the membership. He is a strong believer in leadership development and empowerment of workers and in communities. His state-wide community relationship led to him being selected to serve on Governor Whitmer’s Transition Team.

“I look forward to working with our members as well as the Ford Corporation, which has demonstrated good corporate citizenship in the past,” said Kariem. “We will also aggressively implement the new contract. Our members will benefit from the pathways to full pay they created and the launch of new products and new technologies. This is an exciting time for UAW Ford members.”

Kariem was appointed assistant director by then Region 1D Director Don Oetman in June 2008. He started his union/work career in 1976 at 20 years old when he began working at Saginaw Steering Gear, represented by UAW Local 699. He is currently a member of UAW Local 362.

Kariem was appointed to International Staff as a servicing representative in 2001 by UAW President Stephen P. Yokich, as recommended by Region 1D Director George Andros.

Assistant Director Steve Dawes will serve as the region’s point of contact until delegates from the region’s locals meet and elect a new leader.